Yesterdays impossibilities are what inspire the innovations we are creating today…

Mindology Unlimited Technologies was established by The Living Orchard Corporation to serve as an open community of innovators. Using the latest technologies available they work in collaboration with the “mindology Applied Research Centre” to develop and produce real-world applications from the research centers work that serve the betterment of humanity.

The first major project they are collaborating on is the development a family of easy to learn, use and share “mynuances” personal growth and development software tools that will enable you to live “healthier, happier and more productive” life. You can learn more about the completed family of “mynuances” Personal Growth and Development Tools by clicking here.

“Innovative solutions for and ever changing world”

A Very Special Thank You and Tribute to John Lennon (1940-1980)…

Your song “Imagine” has always had a profound impact on me ever since I first heard it playing on the radio back in the 70’s. At that time I was a 10 year old boy laying in a hospital bed figuring out how to overcome serious brain trauma and physical challenges I sustained in a sporting accident. This was further complicated by that fact that at the time of the accident, I was just begining to learn how to overcome a very challenging mental disorder that I was born with. The song’sinspirational message of ‘hope, love, equality, unity and peace for all mankind’ had such a profound effect on me that not only did I succeed in overcoming all those challenges. The songs message has manifested into becoming one the core values, principles and mission that give greater purpose and meaning to everything I do.

Now much older and wiser, I have embarked on the most ambitious projects of my life. The building of “The Living Orchard Corporation” and everything that it was established to do to serve the betterment of humanity. In gratitude for all that your song has enable me to accomplish in life, I have dedicated this project to realizing of one of your greatest “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” in LIFE…

“Imagine all the people living LIFE in peace. You may say that I am a dreamer but I am not the only one. I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one…”

I imagined, I believe and this is what I have set out in ‘LIFE’ to accomplish in your honor…

‘To unite people in working together, peacefully transforming the world into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality’

in gratitude,
Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation

ARC Builder Community

United in working together, peacefully transforming the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with ‘Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality!

For information on how you can become an active community member and supporter CLICK HERE


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