The Living Orchard Corporation began as a recurring dream company founder Bill Macquis began having back in 1995 which still continues to this very day. It was a dream of an image that featured the silhouette of a head with a bright bluish white halo around it and the image an atom; set against a deep mid-night blue background and across the bottom of the image was a very profound quote…

Mindology Unlimited SolutionsThis image set Bill off on an incredible personal journey to discover the images true purpose and meaning. A journey that would lead him to making several discoveries along the way. The first was the invention of a modular scale able modular electric motor technology that began in 2005. This innovation undermines our current knowledge and understanding of not only electric motor technologies, but also in our understanding of magnet energy. The incredible thing about this discovery is that Bill has no formal education in mechanical or electrical engineering, applied mathematics, physics. He perceived a serious problem with the electric motor used on bicycles and the let his creative free thinking and original thought processes solve the problem. What resulted was to build a prototype to prove his theories would work. The prototype was built on the dining room table, no test equipment or high tech lab. He just believed it would work, so he gathered up an Apple iPod, a Lithium Ion battery pack, a car stereo amplifier and a mountain bike disc brake front wheel hub and some other innovative ideas and built the prototype using simple hand tools he had lying around the house. After he finished building and assembling the prototype, now all that remained to do was see if it would worked… He pressed the play button on the Apple iPod which he used as the motors controller and the motor immediately spun to life the very first time it was powered up.

Here is a video of the prototype taken the first time it was powered up…

After making this discovery, Bill and Sara Troy thought they were on to something that could transform the electric motor industry on a global scale. Fortunately the universe had a greater purpose and meaning for Bill’s invention for him still to discover and in 2011 the development of the motor came to a dramatic end. A couple of months after the collapse of the company Bill made another discovery while choosing a name for his new business venture. He discovered the DIVA, which is an acronym for…

“A DIVA is a person who’s Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations serve the betterment of humanity.”

Just as Bill was preparing to launch his new business, on August 25, 2011 he had a neuro-muscular seizure that resulted in breaking 4 vertebra in his back that left him virtually crippled. The medical system had proven to be ineffective in being able to help him and by December of 2012 Bill found himself once again facing insurmountable challenges that were seemingly impossible to overcome. The only viable solution he could come up with was to simply apply a principle belief that he lives by..

“Miracles in life don’t just happen, you live LIFE to make them happen

So he decided to take his health issues into his own hands he began walking everyday, Then on march 25, 2013; which happened to be the Easter weekend, Bill returned home from his daily walks extremely frustrated at the lack of progress he was making in over coming these challenges. In fact his had begun to rapidly deteriorate again over the past few weeks. On that particular day Bill finally had enough and totally lost it, fortunately no-one else was home at the time. Less 10 minutes after his fit of rage and frustration the seizures, physical shaking, tremors and excruciating pain went away. Feeling like a million dollars again laterally ran, yes rand out the door back down to Starbucks… When people saw him they couldn’t believe it.

Another thing Bill attributes this miraculous recovery to is that during all this time he had returned to continuing his applied mathematics work in Chaos Order Theories. This work led to Bill making the discovery of the Q-factors Universal Laws of Chaos Order in 2014. Immediately there after he figuring how he could apply the Q-Factors in a way that would serve the betterment of humanity. This process resulted in the invention of “Quantum Values Chronography” which provided the foundation upon which the family of “my nuances” mind-skills growth and development tools could be built. In November of 2016 The Living Orchard Corporation was established.

The Q-factors have been applied throughout the entire  The company has been entirely built upon the Q-factors . Here are just few key examples of how they have been applied…

The Q-Factors have been applied in developing the company’s “PPDT – Problem Prevention and Detection Team” approach to all internal operations and business systems.

The Q-Factors have been applied in developing the company’s “T&A approaches to problem solving” methodology (That’s T&A as in Theoretical and Applied not the other meaning) that is used throughout the company.

The Q-Factors have been applied in developing the company’s “DAC- Delegates, Advisors and Champions” non-authoritarian open community, team based business management structure.

The most important of his discoveries was the discovery of “Quinesence”…

“The journey taken in discovering, embracing and actualizing SELF. The SOUL Enabled LIFE Force that guides one in how to live LIFE with greater purpose, meaning and dignity through serving the betterment of humanity. Your SOUL is the Source Of Universal LOVE that when shared freely, creates Limitless Opportunities Virtually Everywhere for us to unite in working together to peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality.”

Bill is currently working on an updated version of his FREE eBook titled Quinesence that tells this story through music and graphically illustrates the research breakthroughs that lead to the discovery of the Q-Factors.

You can learn more about Bill’s book by CLICKING HERE

Our company core values, principles and mission…

To serve, protect and respect our intrinsic human right to be able to live LIFE with purpose, meaning and integrity.”

“By uniting in working together we can and will peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality.”

“To share of our knowledge freely so that it may nurture the healthy growth and natural development of creative free thinking and original thought processes others”

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation

Thank you for dropping by and visiting with us today…

My passion and love of for music has always played a very important role in my life. In fact I spent most of my professional life working in the professional and consumer audio and music industries. Many of the things I have been able to accomplish in my life are due to my love of music. Here is a music video that inspired my life’s work and in the founding of The Living Orchard Corporation and everything that it stands for.

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation

LIFE’s Miracle Community…

“By uniting in working together we can and will peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality”

For info on how you can actively participate in our community, click on the banner below.

LIFE's Miracle Community

“Miracles in life don’t just happen, you live LIFE to make them happen”


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